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The end, however far it may be, yet approaches

16 years old

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General Coding, Writing, Thinking
Music PRS | TMBG | Lifeformed | BOC | Atronach's Aura | Neil Cic | Justice | plenka | priroda | heXic HD (urbex?)
Games heXic HD, MYST, Castle Crashers, Noita, ROR2, The Stanley Parable, MC, Astroneer, Terraria
Books lots. maybe later ill fill this one out
Heroes Fred Hampton

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About me:

Coding stuffs! check it out. use my handy dandy theme loader script, found below, to view my next theme before I implement it

instructions: drag up to bookmarks bar, run the new bookmark (by clicking it), click any one of the theme links below to see the theme attached to it

Upcoming theme: Phasegrade
Current theme: Mie's Solution
Previous themes: Simpler Time, heXicoid, Eternal Dusk, N/A

cool image, click this to toggle

it me

please excuse the lag and or lack of browser cross-compatibility


  • describe myself (im going to do this!! eventually....)
  • trim unnecessary code (try to delete every line, and keep everything that is essential to how the page looks)
  • design more layouts for plug-and-play theme framework
  • meet new people :D

Who I'd like to meet:

people who make their profile pictures have a 1:1 height-width ratio. i appreciate you
people who need help coding, or dont. either is cool.
people i know. and people i dont know yet
people who have something to share, as well as people who want to have something shared with them.
people who are also fans of the things i like.


anything which doesnt fall under the "people" category. im interested to know how you use the site.

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neil cicierega
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good css i appreciate the orange

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Seems like hell here

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i was actually thinking of making a darker, sleeper page and have the music as the music that plays when you would go underground in the dreamyard, its like slowed down r smthing, but im having trouble finding it :(

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Sorry for being late on the hug part. i hope they will make up for it.'s avatar
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boards of canada yippie

aaronic's avatar

yo your css and the previous grey one are so rad

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fiiine! u?

1882's avatar

i agree w u!! his music is pretty nice, i rlly like his songs!!

Mark Zuckerberg
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Thanks for the add! I have your personal information

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i haves similar but some are less made

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valentine by snail mail better

Mario Mario
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I-a have your liver!

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sort of

cufk.tish.sips's avatar

how are you today pyroclasticDusk from DameDaNeSpace

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thanks so much!

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Thx 4 the add!!

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i keep reading your username as pyroclasticDuck

SEP64 Productions
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How many owned accounts are too much accounts? I currently own 3 here.

Steve Minecraft
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us, Black Rock Shooter and Mercedes Powers are the only active :þ

Hatsune Miku
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aweosme page

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cool page. i like it

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hiiiii ♡'s avatar

heya ^^

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test comment