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13 years old

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General Thinking and not doing
Music Your Favorite Martian
Movies The Martian
Television Butt Ugly Martians
Games Martian Gothic: Unification
Books The Martian Chronicles
Heroes Francis E. Dec
half-life 2

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About me:

I am death_by_penis from Myspace93 and Spacehey and meb and MARISASPACE and MUSPACE. I am also D1ABED1C on MySpace46 because I don't know what username I want anymore. I was also on FriendProject for a little bit but I'm choosing to ignore that site's existence. The only cool thing that ever happened to me on that site was friending Saint and not talking to him.

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i love being cringe

SEP64 Productions
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Lmaoing so hard!!

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What a poor way to die

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you said im cringe. i mean you also said everyone here is cringe, including yourself, but.

thank you for this feedback. it will be processed shortly. have a nice day

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you have passed the test and may interact, welcome fan

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Thx 4 the add!!