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Frequently Questioned Answers

What is this?

DameDaNeSpace is the social media website you didn't know you didn't want.
Who made this?
Me! :D


I used some stuff from utf's myspace93 clone because janken is a big fat nerd.

swaggerplayer.js uses the following open source projects: (thanks a bunch!)
Why is this?
After myspace93 went down, I decided the world didn't need or want a social media network named after a stale meme, so I made one anyway.
What kind of business are you doing with my data?
All data will be forwarded to the relevant authorities.
How can I support this?
Please don't.
Can I get the source of this?
Nah, it sucks ass and I don't like competition.
  • Our server runs Arch, btw Debian.
  • We use a Teapot nginx as our HTTP server.
  • Our backend is written in TSC Node.js and express.
  • Our database is powered by MySQL MarisaDB.
  • We encrypt passwords with Base64 bcrypt.
  • Our server is fully operational on fire.
Why can't you just use janken's myspace93 code?
I like not having security vulnerabilities in my code.
What myspace93 code?
Is this secure?
I hope so.
Your passwords are hashed with bcrypt (12 rounds), which should be fine.
I keep my Linux boxes up to date, and try to follow web security standards.
But I'm new to web development and there may be something I missed.
Please don't re-use your bank account password here, or actually, don't reuse passwords anywhere, at all.
...hey, at least I'm honest about it :^)
What browser is recommended for this site?
Why does it say "Account Banned" when I try to login?
Because you did something stupid and got banned. Read the rules!
How do I remove this weird "1024x2" guy from my friend list?
Just check your friend list and remove me. Yes, I let you do that.
How do I format my About Me/blogs/comments?
You can use Markdown or a subset of HTML!
Most HTML will work, but for security reasons, JavaScript will be automatically removed.
You also can't use style in comments on other people's profiles for security reasons. Sorry!
If HTML is too scary, you can use Markdown. Here's a cheatsheet.
My images won't embed!
Images don't automatically embed like they did on Myspace93.
Instead, you can either use markdown like ![](URL_TO_IMAGE) or HTML like <img src="URL_TO_IMAGE"> to embed it manually.
Why isn't my comment showing up? What does "This comment is pending review" mean?
Your comment is awaiting approval from the owner of the profile or blog you just commented on.
Until they check their comment queue, your comment won't show up on their page.
They can also delete your comment on their page if they want to.
It might take a while for them to check their queue, so please be patient.
How do I customise my profile?
  1. Learn CSS! MDN is a great resource, w3schools is not so good, but should still teach you CSS.
  2. Go to your profile, and click "Edit your profile"
  3. Type your CSS in the "Custom Styling" box
Some protips:
  • Make sure to only enter the raw CSS, so don't wrap it in <style>
  • You can study your profile's HTML layout with Inspect Element.
  • On Firefox, you can edit your CSS in real-time with the Style Editor in the developer tools. (Note that the changes you make in it won't save!)
  • Unlike a certain website, we don't filter the words style, script or php from your CSS.
  • Want to see what your page would look like if you're logged out? Go to your user page, and append ?preview to the end of the location bar!
    Or just use Incognito Mode.
  • Also we implemented CSRF protection, so don't try anything fishy.
Does this site use web3?
Say, I have this non-fungible token of a bridge I'd like to sell to you...
Is this site a CIA front?
Do you use analytics on your page?
Yes, it's called access.log.
I'm a developer, how do I get user profile data without scraping it from the HTML?
Make a GET request to /u/[id]/user.json, and it'll dump their user page into JSON. A proper API is coming Soon™.
When I go on someone's profile or click on Music, the page gets really laggy!
Your browser may not be powerful enough to handle the swaggerplayer. You can disable autoplay on the Settings page (top-right).
Also, sometimes on Firefox it gets really laggy when you open devtools while music is playing. A workaround I found is to just pause the music before opening it.
You didn't answer my question!
Well, ask me, and I'll try to get back to you.