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13 years old
Pizza Hut

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General you
Music Yameii Online, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Wednesday Campanella, takayan, Hatsune Miku, Sumire Uesaka, Yoasobi, Zutomayo, NewJeans, StrayKids, aespa, ITZY, OK-POP, Blackswan, World Order, Eve, Video Game OST, Odetarii, Glass Animals, Imagine Dragons, TobyMac, NF
Movies action, superhero, and kids movies
Television cartoons, anime, black sitcoms, adult animation
Games danganronpa, the ace attorney series, FNAF, Sonic Games, roblox (i say proudly)
Books kwame alexander books or manga
Heroes Adonai, coryxkenshin

My PFP is Aggretsuko!

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About me:

 > student hobby collector (I do too much)
 > ENFJ !!!
 > chronically online, yet chronically...offline.   
 > one day im gonna be famous fr                 
 > current hobbies (if they count): ice & roller skating, 
    writing, singing, acting, cooking, conversating, coding,
    painting, crafting,  reading, hair & fashion styling, and 
 > I like east-asian centered music, ninjago, one punch man, total drama,
   pop team epic, aggretsuko, sonic, fanfiction, tawog, adobe edits, harajuku/y2k
   aesthetics, and you

Who I'd like to meet:

anybody, yall are cool

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no its warm. it being cool would mean it isnt warm. warm soup


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thanks pyro
warm soup is cool too

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thank you. you have a neat page yourself
might i suggest adding a

header.siteHead {position: sticky; top: 0; z-index: 10;}

to your css?

ps: i like my soup warm, thank you . even gazpacho

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your page is so pretty !!!!