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I do computery stuff!

am boy. he/him. they/them is fine too cuz thats like how grammar works
17 years old

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General Electronics, Programming, Microcontrollers, Computers. That sort of stuff.
Music Idunno i like most stuff. DnB stuff, jungle stuff, Tracker stuff, other stuff... Stuff includes: Deathbrain, dr1ft, Adam F, KADE, EVABOY, cvrsed, Fearofdark, Machine Girl, NANORAY, vertigoaway, bye2, and some random songs.
Movies uuh idk not many... The Studio Ghibli Stuff is good, perfect blue is interesting...
Television Random stuff. Anime is cool too i guess. Stuff in no particular order: Infinity Train, Evangelion, Erased, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, 86: Eighty Six, SPYxFAMILY, Steins;Gate, and lots that i have forgotten right now.
Games Unreal Tournament 1999, SCP:SL, VRchat (not anymore), ChilloutVR, Minecraft, Half-Life, Surviving Mars, and lots of other stuffs.
Books Audiobooks are neat. Project Hail Mary, and some stuff from when i was younger that probably nobody here knows but i still like.

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About me:

Zodiacs are bullshit
I do stuff. Mostly with electronics and programming, and linux and shit. I may help with some CSS if you ask nicely, but i also am still learning it.
On Discord i'm H3#4183.
I currenty can't use my regular domain, as freenom cant get their shit together for over 4 months.
My Neocities page is the replacement for now:
If you want to see horrible code, take a look at my GitHub
I also have a YouTube Channel with german videos about electronics and shit

Also. Thank you straycat.js for the cool cat on my profile.

Who I'd like to meet:

If you have similar hobbies, thats a good start.

SEP64 Productions
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Jarvis! Inspect this man's ZW5jcnlwdGlvbg==!

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Are you the guy who looks at a computer and think "yeah I can press buttons on this"

SEP64 Productions
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Are you gonna make a digital interface to locate all 8 billion people on earth to find who asked

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haha yea! i found it from cvrsed's neocities website in their tech page :D its rlly good so i decided to make it as my profil theme!!

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Thx 4 the add!!

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thanks, you've got a cool page too. nice stickers, interesting colorscape. id recommend making the .siteHead or at least the .links into a position: fixed, for navigation reasons. and maybe give your anchor elements a light-colored text shadow, to help with contrast against the background.
also, does the stray cat have a name?

Steve Minecraft
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hiiiiiii ^ ^ hru??

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hiiii also thank u!!!!!! ♡

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okay for some reason i'm still having a really hard time embedding links

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you're amazing, i really appreciate the help !!!

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thank you so much !

Hatsune Miku
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I hope your computer explodes in y2k38

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thank q <33 your css is so much more advanced than mine lmao how'd you get the things under your interests? (the "emulate now", "get a computer" stuff)

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you are spinning