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shit urself

any, go wild
17 years old

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General Myself ♡. Rabbits, Pokemon, Pikmin, cool bugs, sea creatures, plants, stamp and blinkie collecting, furry shit, thrifting clothes, having shit opinions, im really not that interesting
Music ICP, Renard, Jackal Queenston, Futret, Gorillaz, The Prodigy, KraftWerk, EVABOY, Death Grips, Beasties Boys, Weird Al, The Garden, Lemon Demon, Vargskeletor, Weezer
Movies The Blues Brothers... i dont watch movies uh, i just watch random shit my boyfriend wants to watch
Television MLP, Breaking Bad
Games Stardew Valley, Hades, Splatoon, Pkmn B/W, PLA, Pkmn emerald, Pkmn pinball, Pkmn S/M/US/UM, Shin megami tensei 4 and 5, LoZ minish cap, Majora's Mask, Warioware, Sims4, Sam and Max hit the road, Dwarf Fortress, Pkmn infinite fusion, AnimalJam
Books Sam and Max and uh... i cant read honestly
Heroes miss piggy, marketplier, mutahar ordinary gamers, Louie Pikmen and jerm a :)

lies and deception

i didnt make the valentines thingy lol

they changed the date for my counseling shit so i had to go to that yesterday and now they sendin me to a doctor :/

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nah ill wait till july r smthing

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i also meant to make a theme . but forgot
theres still room for a leap day theme. if you feel the urge to get creative
frogs, rabbits,, i can think of many things which would fit

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thank you peppino

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rip in pepperonis