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boom boom boom boom!

she/her/jeleel yeaaeaea!
16 years old

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General adventures, long walks on the beach, quantum mechanics
Music a lot. lastfm: greedo7
Movies juno, ghibli movies, the truman show, idk ion watch tm movies
Television atlanta, futurama, cowboy bebop, anything from jenny han
Games borderlands 2, minecraft, yakuza 0, animal crossing, stardew valley, genshin sometimes, skate 3
Books once again anything by jenny han

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About me:

WARNING: This user has a positive canthal tilt.

  • trini + quebecois
  • mtf (malewife > girlboss)
  • can ALMOST do a kickflip
  • guitar player

interests: fashion, skating, hip-hop, weird old internet shit, photography, tryna get into ballroom vogue

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Who I'd like to meet:

anyone on here who likes similar stuff !! dont be afraid to hmu fr


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