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boom boom boom boom!

she/her/jeleel yeaaeaea!
16 years old

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General adventures, long walks on the beach, quantum mechanics
Music a lot. lastfm: greedo7
Movies juno, ghibli movies, the truman show, idk ion watch tm movies
Television atlanta, futurama, cowboy bebop, anything from jenny han
Games borderlands 2, minecraft, yakuza 0, animal crossing, stardew valley, genshin sometimes, skate 3
Books once again anything by jenny han

manga ive been meaning to read

haiii :3

ion got tm to say for my first blog so im thinking just a list of smt i have would suffice

these are all mangas found in the notes app i have of mangas i see at my local chapters that i wanna read, these are mostly based of cover art or if a clear theme is conveyed. i also havent read a single page of any of these! ok here u go:

  • captivated, by you (yama wayama)
  • cat massage therapy (haru hisakawa)
  • sensor (junji ito)
  • my wandering warrior existence (nagata kabi)
  • no. 5 (taiyo matsumoto)
  • how do we relationship? (cant tell)
  • i think our son is gay (cant tell)

ok thats it. there were also a few that ive seen b4 that arent manga: women on women by (some people at vanity fair ig? idk i cant tell), the intersectional environmentalist by leah thomas, and a couple by samantha irby