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Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

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So, um, been a while but, like, I feel, like, you know, like. Video about LGBTQ a bit so yeah.
Alright, so, I'ma be real, I think LGBTQ kind of ruined the world a little bit. Bro, you got girls with guy haircuts, you got gay people and lesbians, like, bro, what's the meaning of- of LGBTQ bro. Also don't forget to subscribe but like bro. I think I need to go on on why I hate LGBTQ and stuff and I- I do not support them by the way, yes, get mad I don't even care like bro.
Let me be real here, like, LGBTQ kind of ruined everything. I'm, like, bro. B-bro you got like, games supporting it, like, bro. Like, bro. Why do LGBTQ get a month? Like, they have a month about them but, like, veterans have a day, like, bro. Why do gay people get a month for, like, what have they done for us? They just ruined the world, like, I think- I think, if you're gay you should like, go to jail or something, like I don't know.
'Cause, if you're going to be gay, like, just die, like, now. If I'm right being gay is a sin, so um. You're basically sinning so. You finna go to hell, like, bro, it's already too late, just stop being gay. What's so good about being gay? Like... like, being gay is the equivalent of... of eating onions, when I say, but like, bro. LGT- what's up with you LGBTQ, like, bro.
First you got, like, TikTok girls, and now you got, like, all these stans, like, got the DreamSMP stans and everything, like, bro, got like- bro LGBTQ, you, look what you done bro, what your community has done. Like bro. Actually kinda feel sad, like, bro. Actually, bro. Like, they ruined every good game, like, they ruined- half good games, like bro. Except Roblox 'cause like noone cares about that but like bro. Like, every- like, bro.
[incomprehensible] Come on, gosh, bro. Oh my gosh, bro. I don't know if I can go on but like, you know my reasons for this is like. This is why I hate LGBTQ bro, it's just, like, a big sin... and stuff, so, and like, everyone. I kinda feel bad, like, bro. I mean, well, at this bro LGBTQ should be like, illegal, so- I don't know, like, bro. I think I'm over, b- like, bro.
Well, bro, you have a rainbow, like, that represents you and your community, like, bro. That's what you are- go ahead, like, bro. I hope one day, all- one day all LGBTQ gets like, bombed. YouTube, that was a joke that was literally a joke. But like, bro. If you found out, like. You ruined like, every good game in existence, you ruined everything, oh my gosh. Every pride, like, bro. Bro that's a deadly sin, like, bro.
And- the worst part about LGBTQ bro, is the people, like, bro. I could like walk in my, like, I could go in my school and and I could see like seven gay kids... and stuff. It's like- my gosh. But like. I made a whole video on this. Some real dedication here, like, bro. Just try to help, like, bro. But like.
I think I'm gonna, like, end the video off, like. I'm gonna end the video off here, uh, if you enjoy, uh, consider subscribing, uh, if you, really enjoy these videos [cough] consider subscribing. You really do consider these videos, uh, consider subscribing, uh, subscribe to my second channel, uh, I'll link in the description, I post like other content but like. Yeah! Consider subscribing and, uh, yeah have a good day.

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was hoping this was a copy pasta
i mean, it seems like its the transcript of something
but i cant find the source
and so i can only hope. hope for a /j. a meager /s. a /nsrs, if you will

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