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HE/HIM (you might have to say it in caps)
16 years old
United States of America

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General Listening to music and playing video games
Music ALL MSUIC AS LONG AS I LIKE IT, i dont discriminate between genres
Movies MFKZ
Television FLCL, Breaking Bad
Games Undertale, Terraria, sandboxes
Books Manga and Manhua occasionally

blogs underutilized and underappreciated by the public?

In my studies on the culture of "Space" type clones, there is an interesting lack of blog posts, which I find confusing.

The ability to write blogs is a great one, allowing any user to put their thoughts into a text box for the world to see. The fact that this feature is barely used is shocking. Personally, I think more people should use the blog feature more often, as I and hopefully others care about others opinions and stuff.

so yeah, people of DameDaneSpace, please write more blogs its lonely here in the news section.

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