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agender / any prns
15 years old
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General i like a lot of things these are just the first things that came to mind
Music TWICE, Red Velvet, LE SSERAFIM, New Jeans, Kikuo, The Cardigans, The Cranberries, The Smiths, Machine Girl, Lamp, and a lot more
Movies Ratatouille, kung fu panda trilogy, Madagascar movies, and more
Television garfield and friends, spongebob (first 3 seasons), bojack horseman, south park, inside job and more!
Games i like horror games but im too much of a pussy to play them (I <3 the ps1 horror demo discs they're so cool) I also like stray, portal, and halflife!
Books junji-ito's books (epsecially tomie) as well as the warriors series and garfield comics
Heroes garfield and spongebob

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  • still trying to learn css

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nice css i add people that are online