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But if I gave up on being pretty, I wouldn't know how to be alive.

15 years old

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General art and music, mainly
Music steven universe ost + marina
Television DHMIS
Games deltarune and project sekai atm!!

certified pretty girl, anyone who denies this is plain wrong, i encourage pointing and laughing.

special interests「(°ヘ°)

Im not sure if its just a neurodivergent thing, and my parents refuse to take me to any kind of therapy so idk, but ever since I was a kid ive been obsessing over certain media for months (and even years Σ(゜゜)) straight. Does this happen to anyone else ??

Recently I got back into Steven Universe after YEARS of not rlly caring, im having lots of fun with it ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ, ive been streaming my SU playlist all day every day hehe ;;

Another piece of media im really into latly is DHMIS, I even bought a red guy pin the other day!! Ive been watching a LOT of reaction videos to DHMIS, its been going on for at least 4 months now (゚ω゚;)