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MCdonals Australia Hokey Pokey Thickshake Review

Mcdonalds Australia decided recently to the annual summer menu that they would change old items and introduce new ones. Hokey pokey thinckshake is (i think) a new menu item introduced this season.


It was mid. shrugs head

Flavour was in line with previous iterations of the hokey pokey but a tad too sweet for my tastes. My sister however, loved it so good for her.

The only reason i go to mcdonalds in the first place is to get the only order ever (Large Vanilla Thickshake, Large fries) and i dont think im going to change anytime soon.

Question if anybody sees this, if you have Mcdonalds in your country (or Mcdonalds equilevelent) do they do seasonal menus? Are they good?