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Methinks therfore me am


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General Art and Art history. Plants. Movies and Cinema. Writing Stories
Movies Labyrinth (1986) The Princess Bride (1987) and Everthing Everywhere All At Once (2022)
Television Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries, The Blacklist
Games Arknights, Path to Nowhere and Pokemon
Heroes Guy with margaritas in jurassic world

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About me:

Hi, Im Juno/Patches.

I spend most of my time drawing or playing videon games, but if im not, im off to watch movies or trying to find a coffee shop that makes a competent hot chocolate.

Feel free to interact if you want.
I might post artwork or hot chocolate reviews here.

CSS coming soon

Who I'd like to meet:

Other people in general. And those who passionately engage in both their own interests and want to talk about them. :))

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