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nydia grubbs

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embrace the off-putting and unsettling

69 years old
Your Mother's House

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General eatimh frot lops
Music Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush
Movies Love and Death (1975)
Games kairosoft games
Books Anne of Green Gables
Heroes adriana lima

help uploading photoz

this blog can be excused from narrative criticism:

my art is a passion so closely interconnected to my thoughts and feelings - and many of my ideas are interconnected to this blog. i love the personality of everyones little homepages. like a close-knit small town.

so, i need help uploading some art photos. if it is not feasible ill use imgur!

oo, also any help going all the way with the customization, like the labels for interests, new blogs, and my blurbs. i only learned about css to customize my blog so i am definitely not experienced, haha. my exboyfriend is the only person i know personally that could help me, and this blog is something very close to my heart that id like to keep private (from him, mostly).

thank you all so much!

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have ya tried your school password

nydia grubbs
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thank you all for the lovely comments... i have just gotten my hands on a new laptop (my old one was virus-and-sims-4-saves-of-my-ex-boyfriend-ridden, and very old), and i am very happy as with everything new it seems so sleek and shiny.
anyhow, i will definitely use the code you all provided - thank you so much! as for the image hosts, as i attempted to login to my discord using every past email i could remember and in typical fashion found all the accounts i no longer use, and the one i do currently use i forgot the login. i WILL prevail however. more updates to come.
again, thank you three so much!

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you can upload images to any image hosting site (imgur could work) and then embedding them like ![image description](

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file hosting is better left to discord or imgur yeah
this site will accept urls or <img src="inserturlhere">

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after you upload your image somewhere you replace the link_to_image in "![](link_to_image)" with the image you want to embed

you can use any image uploading service you want as long as it's a direct link to the image itself (the url should end with something like .jpg or .png)