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nydia grubbs

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embrace the off-putting and unsettling

69 years old
Your Mother's House

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General eatimh frot lops
Music Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush
Movies Love and Death (1975)
Games kairosoft games
Books Anne of Green Gables
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tis valentines (i was forced to write this)

tis valentines. hugo has forced me to write this - i dont know.

my valentines has been okay, i guess. i have no valentine, though not voluntarily,,, and now his friends call out to me in the halls. was it not last week they were all so happy for me?

ive started albert camus' the plague, after having his essays hidden somewhere in the library by the librarian's substitute. sighhh. but it is interesting so far.

-tu corazon

nydia grubbs
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pyroclastic: thank you very much,,, twas not intentional! “dramatic potency” is something i have never heard before about my own writing! though i am often described as “dramatic”. i do hope i can achieve the same effect in my next entry. oh, this comment lingered longer than i had hoped! have a nice day.

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the sudden, shocking tonal shift halfway through this blog is something all modern authors should strive to emulate, if only to capture just a fragment of its dramatic potency.

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i forced you to do nothing!!!