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20 years old
United States of America

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Music riley!, michael cera palin, tiny moving parts, girl in red, sydney sprague
Movies LIZ TO AOI TORI, koe no katachi, into the spiderverse
Television really all of kyoani, HIBIKE, lycoris recoil, puella magi madoka magica
Games celeste, hollow knight, hades, borderlands 2
Books carry on, emma, we are okay, annie on my mind
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ah yea classes like that can either be really pleasant to explore ideas in or really uncomfortable depending on how people react to different ideas ... especially when you cant really tell their position on a topic but they want to disagree

(the irony of this comment being that my vagueness creates a superposition of "who's side are you on?" but not to worry, i am attempting to take the side of understanding and support)

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ecxuse my typos im shakey