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If you sad, drink pepsi

male he/him
14 years old

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General source engine ragdolls, videogames, animations, music, football and cats
Music Khai Dreams, AJR, Crash Adams, etc
Movies Inside Man (2006) i fucking love it
Television Stranger Things , Rick & Morty, Inside job, Bojack Horseman and Peaky Blinders
Games Half-Life (Opposing force and HL2 E2 are my favorites), Portal, TF2, Counter-Strike(source is my favorite one) basicly any Valve game, and War Thunder ( the snail is watching)
Books El Centinela del Jardín
Heroes Pepsi Man and Gordon Freeman.

Source Engine, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, music and pepsi

i got my mail back!!!!1!!!11!!

ok, so short story, i got a new netbook (i'llleave specs at the end) and i can do a lot more of things now. I tried in 16tyh may i tried to downoad fifa 13 and i got these viruses: GATZ ramsomwer, my mail got leaked somewhere and with all my accounts and passwords assosiated with my mail (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc) and i finally got everything back a couple of days ago, it was hell for me, because every time i got something back they would always try to get it back. But i did it and a lot of shit has happened in my life, but its not that bad, so yeah, im chillin' right now

the cat in my pfp has no balls now
Im 14 now!

NetBook specs:
4GB ram
Intel Celeron n2809 1.60Gnz (2.2ghz burst) 2cores
windows 10 64 bits ( it actually should have windows 8.1)
1366x768(19:9) Resolution at 60hz (my other netbook was 1024x600(4:3) at 59hz)
300Gb Hard Drive (289Gb usable)

Love y'all!
i'lltry to be more active now

i changed into windows 8.1 now because windows 10 by only being in desktop without anything open was using 65% cpu, 75% RAM and 100% hard drive. Now it only uses 10% cpu 23% RAM and 1% Hard drive

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haha, no, they didn´t care about dame da ne, but just in case i've reseted my password. They oly logged into things that could have value, like my steam, epic games, ubisoft, war thunder, etc.

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welcome back homie
did you get your password reset on here, or are the people who stole your info not interested in logging in on this site?