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Bored and constantly drinking coffee.

Bisexual, he/him
41 years old

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General Enjoying life and trying not to get too harried or stressed out or sweating the small stuff.
Music EDM, pop, some rock and the occasional ballad thrown in for good measure.
Movies <-- pretty good indication of my movie taste. Also feel free to follow me there.
Television I hardly ever watch TV.
Heroes Kim Friele. Legend. Nuff said!

So here I am

I never had an account on MySpace93 when it was active as I already had two accounts on Friendproject and Spacehey respectively and if I'm being honest, those two give more of the full flegded MySpace experience with photo galleries, groups and bulletins but now it's come to the point of boredom in general in my life that I thought I might as well join this one too when I came across it. But I'm wondering if the layouts you can google for old classic MySpace work on here or do you have to make one yourself from scratch? Both Spacehey and Friendproject have layout sections where you can pick a layout for your profile by copying and pasting the code, whereas here it seems you gotta know your HTML/CSS in order to customize your page. I did take a class in webdesign way back in 2010 at university but admittedly, not much has stuck, except for some basic code knowledge haha and even then I don't think I could come up with anything impressive. Oh least I'm here and ready to make more friends online.