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General Wasting time.
Music I don’t listen to music much. Outside of video game OST’s, if that counts.
Movies WALL-E (2008), Click (2006)
Television South Park (Piracy, yay!)
Games Splatoon (I suck lol), Animal Crossing, Mario Kart.
Heroes Li'l Judd

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Wii U/3DS eShop closure and thoughts

This may be a bit late, but as you already know; the 3DS/Wii U eShop closed back in March 2023. This marks the end of an era for Nintendo. And while I have purchased a bit of content, I mostly pirated. So, just like the Wii Shop Channel closure back in January 2019, I was a bit sad to hear this news. The 3DS played a HUGE part in my childhood and is something I hold close to my heart. I got my first 3DS in 2012 in a small mom and pop game store in some sketchy (now dead) mall. Boy, I remember the drive home and I just wouldn't stop looking at the box! I never really figured out the online stuff nor did I ever get the popular titles, what I had when I first got the 3DS is: Ridge Racer 3D, and a Micro Machines game for DS. A few months later, I got New Super Mario Bros. 2! I was sooo happy that I was finally going to be able to play a Mario game on the go after watching my parents play (and 100%) New Super Mario Bros. Wii! I never beat it on my own, relied on my dad for a lot of levels. So, when I first discovered the eShop when I finally got my parents to connect it to the internet, I was thrilled! It was like I was actually window shopping! All these great games that I just wanted SO badly but could never get. But that's when I discovered the applications. The first batch I downloaded were: Nintendo Video, Swapnote and Netflix. God I have SO MANY great memories with Nintendo Video! Like the time I used it to watch videos when I was grounded (I got caught), or watching Bravest Warriors and not knowing what was going on. Thank you, Nintendo.