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I play SS13 too much and I wanna play as a moff on shiptest/TGstation

Micro/Wave (I'm a male apparently)

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General SS13, Snorting drywall, Gaming, drawing
Music Space Asshole by Chris Remos
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Television Breaking Bad (only the first episode) and You've been framed!
Games SS13, GMod, SS14, Rimworld, obscure games
Books The Drug User's Bible
Heroes The SS13 devs who work hard to make SS13 fun,

i once sent my friend the entire bee movie script


my journal of shitposting

|+Oct 19 2022+|

So uhh i just made this to say my good friend apesevolved is currently losing his mind because these chromebooks run chromeos worse than a raspberry pi

i just wanna go home and play ss13

|+Jan 20 2023+|

Using damedanespace to transfer the nuclear launch codes, wish me luck boys

|+Jan 27 2023+|

me and the boys are playing smash brothers while listening to apesevolved's music on his DSi, life is good. Don't worry if life feels like a fog, it'll clear up or something. I wish it was the olden times when the DSi was new
|+Feb 4 2023+|
Someone drugged my pepsi and im laughing with apesevolved, might not make it out alive. :)

|+Feb 7 2023 +|
Oh boy today I will make some art with my friends (clueless)

|+Mar 7 2023+|
yet another day of suffering with low sleep

|+Mar 14 2023+|
welp i got some downtime and my doom mod's eating ass trying to load on these computers sooo uh hi. ss13 is still cool.

|+May 10 2023+|
hoooolllyyyy shit it's been forever since i've posted here

yeah no i've not got a lot to say
might update this if something interesting happens
play the first metal gear solid game i guess

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wish i could've gone to some like concert in 2010 or some shit and chat with people over pictochat would've been sick

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this is real i was there