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it's hankin' time

spritegender ; he/she/splish/pon
18 years old
United States of America

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General guess. go on. guess. i also like to draw.
Music anything i can get my hands on at this point
Movies 9 (2009), coraline (2009), and ponyo (2008)
Television my little pony: friendship is magic. unironically. i also really like sonic underground
Games Super Mario 64, GMod, Half Life 1, Bugsnax, Lisa: the Painful, Fallout: New Vegas, and VR Chat i guess
Books lord of the flies
Heroes my children and partners mean everything to me

ever-updating art dump

i'll update this every now and then with some different art that i'd like to share. unsure if i'll just leave them all in as i update it or if i'll rotate them around / replace them as i make more. we'll figure that out later.

this one might be super dark, but i promise it's not a black square or something.

some semi-new ocs. i'm having lots of fun fleshing out their concepts.

oops, havent built the motivation to post here since september. here's a few months late update with two of my more recent detailed pieces.

also note my signature has changed, because my tumblr url has changed. finally snagged major swag


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ur art is so sex