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Mercedes Powers

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General Making YouTube videos, being in my room, using SpaceHey and DameDaNeSpace on my phone when I’m bored, using my own laptop when I’m at home, playing games on the PS3, copying music on my iPod touch 4
Music Ok Go, Layup, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boys, The Darcys, Twenty One Pilots, Maroon 5, AJR, Bill Wurtz, JVKE
Movies Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Little Man, Are We There Yet, Are We Done Yet, Elf, Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, Rush Hour 3
Television South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Impractical Jokers, The Owl House, Amphibia, La Rosa De Guadalupe, Como dice el dicho, Carmen Sandiego, Secrets of Sulphur Springs, Inkzilla Studios on YouTube, JJ64 on YouTube
Games Microsoft Jewel, Sweet Shuffle, Mahjong Candy, Mahjong Candy Dimensions, Lumeno, Microsoft Jigsaw, Pac-Man
Books I don’t have space for books in my room but I read a lot of fanfiction and reddit posts
Heroes No one

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The PS3

I got this website running on my PS3. Now, you might be wondering how I did it. Well, it was easy. All I did was open the web browser and signed in. The only issue is that I can barely see since breaking my only good pair of glasses left. Ignoring that, I'm fine and all is well. Nothing major has happened besides getting over that crush I had. Can you believe I fell in love with this girl I barely knew? At first I thought it was ridiculous and stupid but now it's actually kind of funny since I stopped being in love with her because she was always with her friends and conversations were always very awkward. Now I've got another problem. I'M IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER CLOSE FRIEND AND SHE CAN'T KNOW! Do you see what I have to deal with? It's a nightmare for me but that's all have to say. Bye Bye!

Mercedes Powers :)