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General Making YouTube videos, being in my room, using SpaceHey and DameDaNeSpace on my phone when I’m bored, using my own laptop when I’m at home, playing games on the PS3, copying music on my iPod touch 4
Music Ok Go, Layup, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boys, The Darcys, Twenty One Pilots, Maroon 5, AJR, Bill Wurtz, JVKE
Movies Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Little Man, Are We There Yet, Are We Done Yet, Elf, Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, Rush Hour 3
Television South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Impractical Jokers, The Owl House, Amphibia, La Rosa De Guadalupe, Como dice el dicho, Carmen Sandiego, Secrets of Sulphur Springs, Inkzilla Studios on YouTube, JJ64 on YouTube
Games Microsoft Jewel, Sweet Shuffle, Mahjong Candy, Mahjong Candy Dimensions, Lumeno, Microsoft Jigsaw, Pac-Man
Books I don’t have space for books in my room but I read a lot of fanfiction and reddit posts
Heroes No one

My crush

Hi guys. I know that I haven't posted in a while and I'm sorry. I've just had a lot on my plate with the homework I've been getting from my dual enrollment classes. Anyways, this is supposed to be a post talking about my crush. We'll use the fake name of Charlotte for this post. Let me tell you about what happened with Charlotte on Monday the 22nd. I went to school while it was raining and our city was flooding since school wasn't cancelled but I went to lunch and I sat down with the few friends of mine who made it to school when I saw Charlotte was on an app on her phone so I asked her what she was doing and this is what happened
Me: What are you doing?
Charlotte: I'm on Life360
Me: You have Life360?
Charlotte: Yeah. Why do you sound worried about it?
Me: Internally panicking hoping she doesn't know the truth about how I feel since a previous crush of mine knew I was worried about where he was and that's how he found out I liked him but I play it off as nothing I'm not worried about it. I was just curious
Charlotte: Ok. You know, I was worried you guys wouldn't make it. I thought you guys probably died on the way here.
I immediately told her that if she thought we could have died on the way here, that it meant she thought of how we would die and she defended herself by stating every possible way someone could have died on the way here. I was shocked and even though I should have probably been upset at how she thought of ways we could die, I was honestly impressed at how quickly she listed off all the probabilities. I know, call me a simp but it's just a special moment whenever I'm near her. So, I created an animated picture of what she looks like. Photo of my crush
Most people in my friend group don't know about this since we all have our little common area in the cafeteria and if I tell them, my crush might actually find out sooner than I want her to which is not something I want to see happen. The only people who know of this besides you guys are one of my friends in the friend group who I will call Gina and my best friend Larxene. Not even my parents know. They're NOT homophobic or biphobic but they forbade me from dating anyone before I become an adult so I can't tell them I fell in love since they don't want me to fall in love yet. My dad somehow used to always find out that i was in relationships with boys when I was in middle school but I started giving out my discord instead of my phone number to friends so now he doesn't know about what me and my friends talk about unless he checks my phone which he doesn't do anymore. I think he knew because we have the same Apple ID on our phones and I had iMessage turned on but I never figured out the truth. I do know that these feelings towards my crush have existed for 5-6 months now. I know that's a long time but I'm also counting summer break as part of that time. Now, Charlotte and I also had another incident occur between the 2 of us. On Thursday, I was sitting with her at lunch and we were talking about something but I can't remember what it was. I only remember turning to look at her and seeing her pretty eyes sparkle like this
My crush with shiny eyes
I thought nothing of it and just acted like it hadn't happened while I panicked a bit about it. Then, we were talking about robux and how there's a limit on robux that changes between the mobile app and the desktop website of Roblox. That's when she told me she had a lot of money in her bag that she was guarding so she could go to gamestop after school to buy some robux for an outfit so I asked how she could possibly think of bringing that much money to school since she showed me the amount. That's when she told me how she was keeping it safe and we began to laugh. Then, her eyes began to shine again and I just couldn't stop eye contact so when she started laughing, I freaked out and looked away. I'll see her again on Tuesday and I can't wait. What do you all think about this? Let me know in the comments below. Bye Bye!

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This is great. I’m glad you’re in love and I’m glad you’re happy about it. I don’t think you did right in looking away when here eyes were shining since not looking away might have given you more clues as to whether or not she likes you back. Also, bisexual Mercedes Powers is officially confirmed now isn’t it.