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Good evening, Radio Audience

Cat Island

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Song: Aaron
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General drawing, playing piano ig (synthesizer)
Music Lemon Demon, Tally Hall + their side projects & solo albums, iDKHOW, Talking Heads, The Offspring, Oingo Boingo, Ekatarina Velika
Movies mjf's entire filmography especially back to the future I, the turning (2020), the goldfinch (2019), the evil dead, a whole bunch of 80s movies
Television Family Ties, Stranger Things
Games touhou, resident evil, rpgm games, shareware from the 2000s that still sits on my computer, ace attorney
Heroes neil cicierega

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About me:

hi i'm noel/perma and here are some of my interests:
Touhou Project
Ace Attorney
Lemon Demon (& other works by Neil Cicierega)
Resident Evil
Things made before 2008
80s things (mostly movies and music)
Yume Nikki & Yume 2kki
Stranger Things
Marvel (mainly just spiderman)
Horror classics (Scream, Friday the 13th, Evil dead, Child's play...)

Who I'd like to meet:

any of the tally halls
dallon weekes
ryan seaman
finn wolfhard
michael j fox
neil cicierega
my classmate

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Thx 4 the add!!

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hello it is me, lemon demon (neli cicada) please give me your credit card details And the number on the bottom so I can get a toilet condenser mic to make my new album porn grooves

SEP64 Productions
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Woahie what a coolie page with a scrolling tile background