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XD watermelon!

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Dame Da Ne!

im a person ig
14 years old

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Music listen to lovejoy rn or else.
Movies The Hate U GIve
Television Bluey<3
Games Yume Nikki, Yan sim. roblox etc.
Books the boy in the stripped pijamas
Heroes floppa.

daily life of a therian ass person

bullying. yes. yummy. thank you Bri for making me suffer at school for being a ther-
anyways, hiii! Im Watermelon! I am a 14 yr old girl as you can see on my profile..
welllll, I hope yall are ok!
today im gonna have a portuguese test. and I ammm.. scareeed..... welp, its gonna be hard!
well, i have sum difficulty with portuguese tests even if its my native language but its because of the things that you need to know to spea- AAA-
ok im calm..
well, im gonna give more updates once I get the test done!
bye, lil Melons :D
FIRST EDIT!!!!11!1!: im done with the test!!! FINALLY!!!
SECOND EDITTTT!1111!11!!: im now in my cience lab and then im going home! (i will not have the last class)
since my teacher is going to the hospital to check her health, we are gonna go home earlyyy!~~~
soo yeah! today in cience we will see microorganisms!
it will be fuunnnnn!!!
Wedll, ill update later!!!><
see yall!!!