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My back is very broken

15 years old
United States of America

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General I do art I guess. I like surrealism and fantasy stuff. I play a lot of rpgs and indie games. I like indie stuff in general tbh
Music King gizzard, viagra boys, 100 gecs, machine girl, oingo boingo, go! with 14 o/fucking werewolf, nirvana, the flex, bikini kill, pink floyd, the beatles, jimi hendrix, queen, the distillers, tally hall, weezer, stuck in the sound, reel big fish, etc etc
Movies be more chill, dear evan hansen 2015, Beetlejuice, mean girls, heathers, killer klowns from outer space, texas chainsaw massacre 1976, ginger snaps.
Television south park, rick + morty, SUPERJAIL, invader zim, thearvelous misadventures of flapjack, adventure time, dexter's lab, futurama, moral orel, gravity falls, hilda, breaking bad, better call saul, regular show, rocket power, robot chicken, jackass, etc.
Games Omori, sally face, space funeral, lisa/the painful/the joyful, off, yume nikki, earthbound/mother, therapy with dr. albert krueger, fnaf, touhou, off, ddlc, faith: the unholy trinity, endacopia, corpse party, outlast, spooky's jumpscare mansion, etc etc.
Books homestuck, ranfren, postal, johnny the homicidal maniac/I feel sick/squee.
Heroes My dad

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