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I got called a slur today :3

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Infotable help

So, I noticed that a few people were confused as to how to change the colours on the infotable, and so I decided to just leave here how I did it.*

Being x a place holder the colour you choose for the background and y a place holder for the colour you choose for the letters:

.infotable td, .infotable th{
background: (x);
color: (y);

If you want the two sides to have different colours this is what you've got to do:

x-left represents the background colour of the left
x-right represents the background colour of the right
y-left represents the colour of the letters of the left
y-right represents the colour of the letters of the right

.infotable th{
background: (x-left);
color: (y-left);

.infotable td{
background: (x-right);
color: (y-right);

And that's pretty much it ^w^

*I also don't know jackshit of css. Or html. Or markdown. You can ask more questions, but I'll probably not be able to anwser them.