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Game over!

They, Ey, He, She, It, Star, Gore, Blood, Vamp + More!
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General Homestuck, Video Games, Music, Roleplay, Being a Furry, Art, Cosplay, Memes, Anime, Horror.
Music The Front Bottoms, P!ATD (Brendon Urie Sux), Rare Americans, Mother Mother, Steam Powered Giraffe, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, 100 Gecs.
Movies SAW, Midsommar, US, Unfriended, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Snow Piercer.
Television Beastars, Danganronpa, Bojack Horseman, She Ra, Another, Corpse Party, Gleipnir, Kakegurui.
Games Pokemon, D&D, MOTW, Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact, Mad Father, Misao, ACNH, Mortal Kombat, DBH.
Heroes Jerma985, GMM, Moistcritikal, Markiplier, Mutahar, JustinWhang, Nexpo, Nightmind, Plaguedmoth, Mamamax, Disturban.

new fursona art, i'm making you all look

look at them

after 7 years, they have finally got a new design

so perfect

my beloved

(something something, furry cringe but free)

shirt is a TKO reference, its a meme i sWEAR