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The Universe is Heliocentric, Change My Mind. (You Cannot)

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My Discovery in My Own Words

I remember the exact day in which I presented my first version of the telescope to the Venetian Senate. August 25, 1609.
The machine was to multiply the vision of whoever gazes into it by 8 times. Later, I’d do one better, and create another one in which it would multiply vision by thirty!

However, this invention was not only created to increase my salary as an astronomer. I wanted more. I wished to look into the sky with it.
This is where my most influential discovery yet was born.
I came upon a realization that suddenly, the universe according to the Catholic church had lost it’s sense. They had believed that the planets we dwell near were orbiting around ours, and ours solely. This was not true according to what I’d found.
What I’d found was that the planets in our solar system were instead going around the Sun.


Copernican heliocentrism - Wikipedia