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i hate whole wheat bread

666 years old
Bikini Bottom

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s̷o̴n̷t̶e̸r̵'s interests
General faking sick so i don't have to go to school
Music mac demarco, blondie, jack off jill, rob zombie, agent orange, matt watson, hex girls
Movies jurassic park, harry potter, the dark knight, kill bill, star wars
Television the walking dead, breaking bad, the mandolorian, what we do in the shadows
Games l4d, undertale, roblox :p, ACNH, terraria, minecraft, mario kart (I am very bad)
Books gone girl, idk the magic treehouse??
Heroes my uncle <3 (he is in prison for armed robbery)

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About me:

my name is sonter
feel free to pm me about anything
css is a work in progress

Who I'd like to meet:

people who share my interests
if you want to play w/ me pm me for my users

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Mark Zuckerberg
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Thanks for the add! I have your personal information

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Thx 4 the add!! You also are super cool!!

s̷o̴n̷t̶e̸r̵'s avatar

thx, i agree!!

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ur page here is way cooler than ur myspace 93 one... i really like the text

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thanks for the add