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I love stealing catalytic converters!

16 years old
United States of America

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General Arson and NUCLEAR SCIENCE.
Music You can make a pretty good assumption based off my pfp
Movies Paul 2011
Games Mafia Series
Heroes International Business Machines

A Formal return and What I will do with my current profile.

I have returned yet again to a Myspace clone! (I love these things).
As stated in my profile, I was a regular Meb user and I was a bit upset when it shutdown (boo hoo what will I ever do!1!111!!!).
Finally as of today at 1 AM EST I tried the url and it brought me here, otherwise known as: DameDaNe Space.
Greeted by this wonderful website, I created an account and we shall be moving on from here on out!
Regarding my profile, I'm not gonna be somebody who says "CS under construction" and then never actually make the profile. This time I'm going to be trying a new theme for the whole thing, (the current state is a bit representative of that). So just stay tuned in here and feel free to add me!

(P.S. Janken poo please don't shutdown the website again)
(P.S. P.S. can Tom Anderson pls accept my friend request it's like the most crowning moment in this entire website and i'm lik one of ur realist fans!!1!!111!!1!!)