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General meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
Music everything.. last fm : cvrsed_
Movies HUMAN TRAFFIC!! i even have the soundtrack in CD FORMAT
Television i do not watch the idiot box
Games sonic and half life and terarria and worms and yeah
Books anything by jacqueline wilson that was illustrated by nick sharratt
Heroes me and cats

i am idiot

i thought i forgot how to make a blog but actually i am really idiot and i should probably wear my glasses more.

anyways i was going to make a blog about something but currently now i am distracted because uhh pc demo that runs on my puter with issues and i want to fix them

also i have completely forgotten what the blog was going to be about. im preetty sure it was interesting

also i am back and new theme that matches my website and music i listened to for hours on end today

edit: i made the cursor myself i forgot to say!!! its the wand of awesome....

ok farewell!!


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swag cursor

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