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If you sad, drink pepsi

male he/him
14 years old

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A.Random_Dude's interests
General source engine ragdolls, videogames, animations, music, football and cats
Music Khai Dreams, AJR, Crash Adams, etc
Movies Inside Man (2006) i fucking love it
Television Stranger Things , Rick & Morty, Inside job, Bojack Horseman and Peaky Blinders
Games Half-Life (Opposing force and HL2 E2 are my favorites), Portal, TF2, Counter-Strike(source is my favorite one) basicly any Valve game, and War Thunder ( the snail is watching)
Books El Centinela del Jardín
Heroes Pepsi Man and Gordon Freeman.

Source Engine, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, music and pepsi

i have the power of html(i actually don't)

so, in my school we're learning HTML and i founded it pretty easy (thanks to my brothers because y used to hear them debating of wich marks they should use for they're websites) and i basicly know how to put images, videos, gifs, audios, etc onto html. So i'm probably going to redo my hole profile now