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General source engine ragdolls, videogames, animations, music, football and money (a lot of money)
Music tan biónica, AJR, cuarteto de nos, twenty one pilots, etc
Movies Inside Man (2006) i fucking love it
Television Stranger Things (just started watching it, but i love it), Rick & Morty, Inside job, Bojack Horseman and Peaky Blinders
Games Half-Life (Opposing force and HL2 are my favorites), Portal, TF2, Counter-Strike(source is my favorite one) basicly any Valve game
Books El Centinela del Jardín
Heroes Pepsi Man, Gordon Freeman, Adrian Shepard but my biggest hero is Oscar Ismael Poltronieri

Source Engine, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, music and pepsi

another how's my life going blog

hi, i just decided to do another one of these type of blogs because im bored, so here are the news

got a new psp charger, it was really expensive (because the psp stopped being produced in 2014) it costed like 15 maybe 20 us dollars, but it was wort it.

i also bought a pendrive to install more games on my ps3 right now im downloading cod4 mw and i will install bully tommorow because Bully is the 2nd best rockstar game, the 3rd one is The Warriors, and the best one is Red Dead Redemption

one of the kittens i told you in the other HIMLG (how is my life going) blog is about to die, she's currently resting on my mom´s lap but she ain´t going to past the night, i'll have to put her on the freezer and give her a funeral tomorrow because it's currently 1:50 A.M
(when im writting this blog), it´s sad because we tried everything that we could do to save her life and still couldn´t do anything to save her :( (that's why im very depressed right now and i´m not being so active lately)

there´s only 1 week of class until final exams so i can go on vacations :) but i feel like i´m ot completly prepared for it :/

my dad just declared that from now, with the money from the alimentary pension well now have to pay food, gas, water and electricity, basiclly all taxes with only 80000 argentinian pesos wich is only 520 us dollars, the only good thing is that in holidays he recieves a bonus, that has to go to us so we can pay the christmas dinner, but that's it.

yeah i know most of the things were pretty bad but there´s nothing i can do, the fastes way i can find a job is finishing high school and inmedeatly joining the army so i can give money to my family, but i still have to wait 5 years

i don´t wanna bore you guys with this anymore, but i feel stressed and this is the only way i can relax and leave all the things that i have to say to my family, but i know that they will be mad at me and start saying that they suffer more than me, but i'm just a 13yo boy ho can´t have a normal life like the rest of his classmates and that he´s going through a lot of stress and wants to live a normal life that he know´s that won´t happen

sorry for the bad vibes i´m just having a really bad time