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pepsi is great

male he/him
13 years old

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General source engine ragdolls, videogames, animations, music, football and money (a lot of money)
Music tan biónica, AJR, cuarteto de nos, twenty one pilots, etc
Movies Inside Man (2006) i fucking love it
Television Stranger Things (just started watching it, but i love it), Rick & Morty, Inside job, Bojack Horseman and Peaky Blinders
Games Half-Life (Opposing force and HL2 are my favorites), Portal, TF2, Counter-Strike(source is my favorite one) basicly any Valve game
Books El Centinela del Jardín
Heroes Pepsi Man, Gordon Freeman, Adrian Shepard but my biggest hero is Oscar Ismael Poltronieri

Source Engine, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, music and pepsi

i have a cellphone now!

my mom founded her old j4 core that was broken, but my brother opened it and it wasn´t broken, the screen was disconected from the module, so he connected the screen, and after letting it charge a few hours, it works perfect! so now i can have good phone to do my personal things (homework, go out with friends, etc)

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