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I hate my kinnies y’all suck

she/her, thing/things
16 years old
Sealand (Principality of)

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General Webcore, web-design ,coding, eating ass-
Music DEFTONES [im their biggest fan not U], Old Weezer, RHCP, Smashing Pumpkins, Mars Argo, Highly Suspect, and more
Movies The Sonic Movie [1 and 2] were good
Television Greys Anatomy, Adult Animation, Early 2000s late 90s Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon cartoons, Mirai Nikki: the future diary
Games Terraria, Minecraft, Doodle God, Honkai Impact, Noah’s Heart, Solitaire, Minesweeper, Spore, and more
Books reading is for nerds
Heroes Myself

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About me:

I’m gonna code this whether I want to or not.
Irl yuno gasai [not a delusion]

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Hatsune Miku
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haiiiiiiii yuno

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Thx 4 the add!