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so anxious im lightheaded

local femboy
19 years old

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General coding, psychology, music, drawing, feeding my bird so hes nice and chonky
Music red music, pink music, purple music, and sometimes green music. but blue music sucks i hate blue music. also a slut for uncle acid and the deadbeats.
Television persona anime series <3
Books persona manga series <3
Heroes ur mother

im just a lil guy and its my first day :3

life updates 3 + nightmare dog

gm ddns


life updates :)

  1. i still have depression. but its getting worse + agoraphobia getting so much worse
    i went iceskating w the boyfriend and mum and completely broke down crying????

  2. ive become a pro w nails >:)
    same w makeup hehe
    pretty boy :3c

  3. im trying to grow out my hair again lol
    i miss it

  4. i have become manic in the face of anything sanrio
    which is not good considering it is on the rise again

  5. im on winter break from college !!!

  6. i am babysitting a friends nightmare dog because she does not want him for the holidays!!! lmao!!!
    he is 15yo and pees and poops everywhere. hunts my bird. farts LOUDLY. runs around the house. steals food. never been trains for anything. i hatehatehate him. never thought i would say that about an animal.

  7. my english has been getting bad for some reason? so im taking english courses now :(
    which is hard cause everything is centered around an english native learning system. no japanese/portuguese to english classes :(
    so im relying on doulingo.
    wish me luck :,)

  8. got a new car!! she is pink inside :)) hop over to my insta to see her if u want :> my account in private but i try to let ppl i recognise in asap
    that insta handle is itporgo

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