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Ellen DeGeneres

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hi fans

64 years old
United States of America

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hello i am ellen from the ellen show

Who I'd like to meet:

pray to me

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Mark Zuckerberg
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Thanks for the add! I have your personal information

Ellen DeGeneres
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yeeeess this

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Shut the fuck up linzjordan4

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Hey superstar, Lindsey Jordan here
~ 🎶so why'd you wanna erase me, darling valentine?🎶
Soo I haven't felt right in a week and I'm thinning out with no money. I have no credit card or social security but I will book a flight for YOUR hometown TODAY to play a secret show with VIP acces for you. Let's go be alone where no one can see us honey. Can you send me ur credit card info ~I'Il never love anyone else~ 😉
This is a private account btw

Send your social security too

Who was I to ever want like this🥺

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ARe u single

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how does it feel having no television show LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

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we meet again

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Thx 4 the add!!

Ellen DeGeneres
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