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I wish I was real

19 years old

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General Dumb shit, Programming
Music Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Floating Points, μ-Ziq, squarepusher, Deftones, TOOL, Team Sleep, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, underscores, 100 gecs, Glass Animals, Lemon Demon, lululaulau
Games Quake 1, everything by Remedy Entertainment, 3DMark, Half-Life, Death Stranding, Deep Rock Galactic, Ace Attorney, Dwarf Fortress, Ghost Trick, Kero Blaster, Portal, Yakuza, Kero Blaster

top 10 damedanespace blogs that make you go "im such a baka mitai for not reading this!"

hi guys your favorite damedanespace critic here as you all know blogs are a feature on this site which i feel is very underrated as i often browse the "News" section and i see barely any comments on the blogs i feel like also some certain bloggers deserve way more attention so i made this blog to spread awareness of these blogs that are good and will make you go "This is a good use of baka mi time" after you read trough them

WElcoming by TrickyG

This is an useful blog for every new user

age limit by C5553

this user asks a very important question that i would like to know the answer to, please answer soon

neko(good blogger)

This is. Good profile

snack review: biscuit by Doot

i want to see more "Snack reviews" by this blogger but unfortunately there isn't more support please go support them id like to see them review weed tea next

Best Free Pizza Stock Photos & Images by Algo

Another great blogger I'd like to see more of please support

look at these cats

Kosovo by a73

Great blog of one of the greatest minds of our generation

this blog is pretty good .

It kinda is

Blog of the year 9 years in a row is...

this blog b

thank you for reading please support for more quality dame da posts

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thank you

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those cats cutest