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Dame Da Ne!

17 years old

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General Being a dumbass, Writing bad code, Shitposting
Television dont have a tv loicense mate
Games the one where go Bing Bing Waho !!! Its a me mario wahoo bing bing
Heroes Marisa Kirisame, Big Chungus, Dame Da Ne Guy

2023-04-01 devlog ~ Awesome Update, Great Job

  • i think comic sans is a great font. everyone should use it. personally i use it on every website i frequent. therefore as of today damedanespace will now render all text in Comic Sans MS. this change is permanent and definitely won't go away tomorrow. irony is for cowards who are too afraid to speak their mind
  • No, Toby Fox did not invent the font Comic Sans. Please refrain from making any references to "Quirky Indie RPGs" around me and my family. I will file a restraining order if you do.
  • damedanespace now officially recognizes the Republic of Kosovo
  • Ball friend

I will not be accepting any criticism or bug reports on this feature. Please do not let me know if this breaks anything. In fact, I hope this update breaks your CSS, steals your wallet, makes your computer blow up, brings a thousand years of bad luck upon your family, smokes all your weed, and makes both sides of your pillow warm.
Go away.

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wait whats the update and how do i stay notified

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i can accept everything but cant accept my pillow warm

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im eminem and your white

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best update ever