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Television dont have a tv loicense mate
Games the one where go Bing Bing Waho !!! Its a me mario wahoo bing bing
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2023-01-26 devlog ~ happy new yay

  • webauthentication 2fa support: this is definitely not a way for me to show off my shiny new yubikeys. nope. absolutely not. it definitely won't let me perform 2fa with a press of a button. you should get one too they're cool
  • speaking of 2fa, backup codes. now you won't have to bother me in case you lock yourself out of your own account. just write them down somewhere safe and don't lose them
  • fix midi player breaking with devices that have ridiculously high sample rates (you know who you are)
  • add cachebusting to static assets so i don't have to deal with updates being fucked
  • some more behind the scenes things

This took way too long to finish.
I think I hate WebAuthentication now. Dame da ne...

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Thanks, and have fun.