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i need to c! a therapist

they/star/cloud | non-binary
14 years old
Cat Island

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General dream smp, qsmp
Music lovejoy | marina and the diamonds | ghost and pals | melanie martinez | lemon demon | derivakat | cg5 | wilbur soot
Movies coraline
Television puella magi madoka magica
Games doki doki literature club, project sekai, project diva
Heroes wilbur soot

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About me:

you can call me rain!!
im an autistic teen and im a fan of dsmp, qsmp, and generation loss! other things i might want to talk abt are: madoka magica, bocchi the rock, or spy x family bc i watch anime sometimes! (✿◕‿◕✿) i like ddlc, prjsk, and yttd! i also luv cats and bunnies
im always listening to music, i love hyperpop, vocaloid, pop, and a lot of indie music! i always look forward to music recs!
i might not be v active on this site because im normally pretty busy with school,, not to mention i just have an anxiety disorder and might get nervous about being online! but its always ok to interact with me, im friendly i promise!!
my main hobby is writing and so i might post original stories sometimes, or some of my digital art!
i use they/star/cloud pronouns and identify as non-binary
i luv playing games and visual novels in my free time!

tumblr: @/rainy--skies on tumblr

Who I'd like to meet:

other dsmp/qsmp fans and generally ppl i share interests with, people who watch the same anime i do, lgbtqia+ people, and other writers!
preferably ppl under 18!

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