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Peace was never an option

666 years old

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General I like drawing, baking, reading, disappointing my ancestors and I play Oboe(but I’m terrible lol) ٩( ᐛ )و
Music I generally like listening to every tune, I stumble upon ┏(‘▀_▀’)ノ♬♪ But I do have a few artists, I listen to more frequently: Eyedress, girl in red, Mitski, TV Girl and a little bit of Mother Mother ♪┏(・o・)┛♪
Movies I really like Anime, so some of my favs oviously are: Howls moving castle, Spirited away, Kikis delivery service, Your Name, Suzume and Weathering with you But I‘m also into stuff like: The Spiderverse movies, The dark knight, The Joker, Venom and X-Men
Television Some of the anime I like are: Attack on Titan, Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man, Cowboy Bebop, The way of the househusband and Demon Slayer But I also have some liveaction stuff, I re gularly obsess over: Sherlock, Good Omens and Stranger Things
Games I don‘t really play games, cause I suck at most of them and barely have time
Books I obviously also read manga: Toilet bound Hanako-kun, One Piece (not very far yet), Uzumaki and Spy x Family And I also like „traditional“ books like: Percy Jackson (and all the sequels) and Harry Potter ->currently I‘m reading: 1984
Heroes You, maybe (Idk)

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About me:

Heyho! I‘m Alex ٩(˘◡˘)۶ I speak English, German, a bit Chinese and a bit Japanese

Who I'd like to meet:

People with intrests simmilar to mine or people, who are native in the languages, I‘m trying to learn. Just some dank fellows¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Is your cat ok? The second pic looks like shes having an emotional breakdown...

Yes she is ok in this picture
She is even ok right now