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she beef on my strogan till im off

he/him, male
United States of America

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General nerdy shit mostly, think of something a virgin will like and ill probably like it
Music gorillaz, yonkagor, will stetson, the vanished people, nicopatty, and more i cant remember
Television murder drones, chainsaw man
Games omori, oneshot, rain world, needy streamer overload, deepwoken (sorry), battleblock theater, castle crashers
Books i dont know how to read

PST timezone

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About me:

hi im kits

i am:

  • an amateur voice actor
  • a dumbass
  • yeah
    (i dont know how to use css someone teach me pleasee 😭)


just dm me on discord (kitsims) thats kinda the only way to talk to me

Who I'd like to meet:

literally anybody with the same interests as me please im begging


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