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I am cringe, but I am free

Nonbinary, They/them
United States of America

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General Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I'll update this better later I'M FUCKIN TIRED
Music Goth, post punk, a lot
Movies Tim Burton
Television Psych
Games My Singing Monsters, Animal Crossing
Heroes Shrek

:P just a silly goofy lad

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About me:

I actually don't even rly know what the Dame De Nae meme is, I just was looking for MySpace recreations more similar to MySpace93 cause I dislike SpaceHey and found this one. I wanted to start using 'MySpace' again cause I enjoy customising/personalisation so much and it's just a better, not simpler, time of the internet (and that's why it was SO GOOD! LET THE CHAOS ENSUE!) I always get into it for like a week every so often and then abandon it for like a year lol. (Yes I have ADHD.) Let's hope I won't do so again. I probably will tho. I don't have friends to use this w/ me, so I have no incentive to actively use it... My only friend would join but they don't have a computer... sigh. It's nearly 7am and I need to sleep soon (I normally sleep at 8am cause I'm a vampire.) So I'm tired and ranting cause I wanted to update this but my brain function is declining atm so I don't know what to write.

I kinda forgot how to do CSS lol. I taught myself the basics when I first found MySpace93, and forgot a bit but it came back to me pretty easily when doing SpaceHey and now I forgor again it'll come back to me again prolly I'm just fuckin braindead rn can't process this shit!!!!!!!!! But I didn't want my profile to be boring anymore u_u (I am going to cringe so hard at this when I come back to it in the morning.........

Who I'd like to meet:

Cool people I guess? I like legitimately hate social interaction but the internet can be okay sometimes. I'm not rly looking to develop close friendships with people, but I'm down to make some more casual friends :) I'm a lonely fucker innit. And hey, you never know, I could meet someone really really cool and get closer w them. That is not out of the realm of possibility, and I won't actively avoid it, but it's not rly my expectation from using this.

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