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trigender they/he/neoss
United States of America

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General Furries, Alternative, Nostalgia, History, Prehistory/Paleology, Music, Caffeine, Drawing, Animals, Quadrobics
Music all mah favs! :D
Movies Puss n Boots: The Last Wish, Zootopia, Anything that has to do with anthromorphics, (Genres) Comedy, Romance, Period Place, and Sometimes horror
Television Anything from Cartoon Network lol (and adult cartoons XD)
Games Minecraft, Goat Simulator
Books Any book from Erin Hunter (not Survivors that much), Wings of Fire, and Webcomics

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About me:

Hii I'm Juniper/Osprey! I use he/they/neos and I'm abrosexual, demi, and trigender (male, female, and nonbinary) x3 idk wat to put but my interests say more lol

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