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just testin the waters here

1500 years old
Your Mother's House

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General Eating cement, creepypasta, art, animation, alterhumanity, the early web/small web
Music emo shit (code for "too much and im too lazy to list it all")
Movies howls moving castle, nightmare before christmas
Television currently watching devils a part timer, invader zim, mlp, south park
Games minecraft (big golden age player), roblox (fave game survive and kill the killers in area 51)
Books the chronicles of vladimir tod, all 4 minecraft handbooks
Heroes gerard way and jhonen vanquez

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About me:

call me SCOURGE
darwins fox therian, vampire, and recently enlightened fallen angel kin

Who I'd like to meet:

people who are chronically CRINGE
normies can fuk off!

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