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17 years old
Russian Federation

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General ART AND VIDEOGAMES AND MUSIC !!!!!!!!!! i also enjoy looking at old tech liekkk pcs and cameras and watching men in their 40s talk about said old tech Very soothing to me . Like margarine on a piece of cake.
Games currently very very into YIIK: a postmodern rpg (unironically a good game you guys just suck), nier series (specifically a big fan of automata), final fantasy xiv, splatoon, touhou aaand i keep forgetting what else i play tbh ERM LOL ill add l8r maybe xP

rory mancer vella wilde and the essentia 2000 are my girlfriends (and yes they do smoke weed)

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About me:

call me mode im a BADASS gamer ... (hasnt beaten a game in two bajillion months).... i am a man an alien and an android engineered in the labs by scientists and i escaped so now i post about my interests because i cant control myself and i need people to talk to to keep my peanut brain engaged
aside from my awesome gaming skills i draw from time to time and i wanna learn html/css and modeling maybe ermmm Ya im cool like that :P
feel free to read my rentry if u wanna Lol

Who I'd like to meet:

AWESOME YIIKHEADS such as myself........ and also cool people in general #Lol.......

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