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johnny joestar

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Pack it up, President Valentine!

19 years old
Cat Island

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General Saw franchise / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure / Twisted Wonderland
Music Sister's of Mercy / System of a Down / ICP / Korn / Rock
Movies The Truman Show / I'm Just F*cking With You / La La Land
Television Community
Games All Star Battle R / Sky: Children of the Light / The Sims / Red Dead Redemption
Books 1984 / A Clockwork Orange
Heroes obamna

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About me:

joni, 19, transmasc
my carrd is here
im certified in ms office but its been a bit since ive done any css work so bear with me until it looks prettier

Who I'd like to meet:

Jojo fans, Gyro Zeppeli <3

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hi i love you a lot and i miss you too (also my page is cooler than yours oop)~

johnny joestar
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my page is a work in progress please bare with me its been a year since i did css